Dropping in to say Hello

Hello Dear Readers!

I’m just scooting through to let you know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I am, in fact, still working on “Susceptible” and an all-new book to add to the “Oliver of the Adirondacks” universe. It’s tough, fun and good to be back into the thick of it, but nothing ever comes as easily or as quickly as we want.

As a reward for your patience and endurance as readers, I have added a new short story to the site, called “Backyard Astronomer”, which I hope you will enjoy. You can navigate to it through the menu system, or go directly to it by clicking the link below.

Thanks again for sticking with me, we’ll see you soon!

Yours truly,


>>> Backyard Astronomer by Dashiell Walraven

Updates to Stories

As requested by many, I have renewed work on “Susceptible” by completing more outlining and I am fleshing out chapters now.  Many thanks for your opinions, I feel like I’m newly inspired to complete this story!

I’ve also gotten some tremendous feedback and comments on “Oliver of the Adirondacks” and have sketched out ideas for developing stories that give you more information on some of the other characters we met in the story. Below, I have included a poll for you to let me know who intrigues you most. Take a moment and vote for your choice. Vote as often as you want, for as many characters as you wish!

Oliver of the Adirondacks – So What Comes Next?

I have to admit to you, I never expected to fall so deeply in love with these characters, but there it is. Even as life so often tried to tempt me away from Oliver’s story, I always felt drawn back to it. Thus, even now they call me to continue telling their story. I’m working on outlining some more stuff, based on the lives of Garrett, Brian (Coop) Coopersmith, and perhaps even Lizzie-B (I feel she would have an amazing perspective on her relationship to Oliver and Neal). I may even use a few short stories to flesh out Eddie, Peter and Oscar (who only appeared briefly). The biggest question I need to answer now, is what voice should I write them in? Should I continue Oliver’s narrative, or give each their own voice,  or perhaps go with a third-person point of view?

I’d love to hear from my readers and see what you all think.

Oliver of the Adirondacks – eBook Edition

Oliver’s story is complete, and for those who are sorry to see it end, I’ve added an epilogue to finish it off. As promised, with the conclusion of the story, it is now available in e-book formats.

Get the ebook edition!

Are readers interested in more stories from the “Adirondacks Universe”? Inquiring authors want to know…

Oliver of the Adirondacks New Chapters Added

The saga of Oliver and Neal’s lives together continues with a few new twists and turns as we approach the conclusion of their story. Don’t worry though, we are not there yet. Get ahead of Nifty readers before it goes out to Nifty in a couple of weeks.

Pick up where you left off with Chapters 46 to 50, or start over from the Index Page.

Chapters 41-45 Added to “Oliver…”

Something about holidays seems to bring out the “weird” or “memorable” in Oliver and Neal’s adventures together. In this next chunk of chapters, things sometimes move a little too quickly for a 14-turning-15 year-old boy, to keep up.

Pick up where you left off with Chapters 41 to 45 or go back to the beginning from the Index Page.

Parts 6-10 Completed for “Susceptible”

Eagle-eyed readers know that when the Parts 6-10 of “Susceptible” went live, it was missing the last two parts. This was an error on my part, and when the story auto=published, I was traveling abroad and unaware of the mistake until it was pointed out to me.

The rest of the that chunk of the story has been fixed to include the missing parts, along with some edits throughout.  My apologies to my loyal readers for mucking that up.